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Wind Energy Links

Windustry - Land Lease Agreement Resources

American Wind Energy Association (AWEA)

The national trade association for the wind energy industry.

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE)

US Department of Energy web site for information on energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies.

How does a Wind Turbine Work?

Illinois Wind

Hosted by the Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs, the Illinois Wind Web site is a resource for the expansion and integration of wind power throughout rural Illinois.

Indiana Office of Energy and Defense Development (OED)

Develops and coordinates the state’s energy plan and offers grant funding through its Alternative Power and Energy program as well as its Residential Geothermal Rebate program.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

A strategic partner with Purdue Extension and a network of selected Universities across the U.S. to provide wind energy outreach.

USDA Rural Development

Coordinates the REAP or Rural Energy for America Program which provides grant funding and loan guarantees for installing renewable energy systems, or to improve energy efficiency for producers and small businesses located in rural areas.

USDA Rural Development REAP Grant and Loan Program Brochure (PDF)

Wisconsin’s Focus on Energy – Renewable Energy Case Studies and Fact Sheets

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Great Lakes Wind Collaborative Bibliography

Solar Energy Links





Solar Energy Consumers Guide for Farms and Ranches

U.S. Department of Energy

Solar Energy Economics Calculators for Solar Water Heating and Photovoltaic Electricity Generation

Texas State Energy Conservation Office

Resources for Solar Energy

National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service

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USDA Rural Development REAP Grant and Loan Program Brochure (PDF)

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BioEnergy Links





Researchers in the area of BioEnergy

from Purdue University

EPA AgSTAR Program

Anaerobic Digestion

Midwest Rural Energy Council

Anaerobic Digestion

Indiana Wood Pelleting Feasibility Study

Indiana Cooperative Development Center
Wood Products

Fact Sheets on Biomass Energy

Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Wood Products

Biomass Energy Case Studies

Iowa State University Energy Center
Wood Products

Handbook of Energy Crops

Purdue University Department of Horticulture
Energy Crops

Biomass Energy News, Announcement
s, and Events
Energy Central

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Biofuels Co-products Links





Papers on Biofuels

Purdue Agricultural Economics

Feeding Biofuel Co-Products to Livestock

Purdue Animal Sciences

Indiana State Department of Agriculture Biofuels Program


Indiana Soybean Alliance


U.S. Department of Energy


Renewable Fuels Association


National Biodiesel Board